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[IC] Inverted WYSE Modifier pack (update: added tsangan 5/23/13)

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I know there is currently a WYSE moogle GB going on, but without the 9 home keys, you still need to find additional keys. 

I am wondering if there would be any interest in a GB for some inverted WYSE modifiers.  I know this looks very similar to the Raindrop GB that just went out, but the blue is significantly darker. 

The kit I am proposing would be 35 keys and be similar to the attached thumb.

This would also include the num pad surround keys, and the font would be WYSE.  Also, I have not asked the mods about the possibility of the geekhack key. 

The buy would be thin ABS double shots from SP

This is a preliminary estimated price scale (includes shipping from SP to me, but not shipping of individual sets)
25 sets       $77.66 per set
50 sets      $51.69 per set
75 sets      $43.91 per set
100 sets      $39.24 per set
150 sets      $34.82 per set
200 sets      $32.77 per set
250 sets      $30.52 per set

The goal of this kit would be to allow the use of almost any WYSE board to be used as a base and give you a complete 104 key set. 

Update 5/23/13:  Added Tsangan kit

6 - 1x Keycaps
4 - 1.5x Keycaps
1 - 1.75x Keycap
1 - 1.75x Stepped Keycap
1 - 7 Unit Spacebar
Pricing is below:
25 sets                   $26.15 per set
50 sets                   $16.57 per set
75 sets                   $13.57 per set
100 sets                 $11.75 per set
150 sets                 $10.25 per set
200 sets                 $9.54 per set
250 sets                 $8.99 per set

(Mods - let me know if I am doing this wrong.)

Actually if you could produce all 104 keys I'll buy 4 sets from you.

Very hard to find good WYSE standard key-sets that have no extra unofficial graphical keys.  Try and preserve the WYSE standard that way those interested in obtaining some purity for their keyboards won't be disappointed (although Geek Hack keys are always welcomed).

I think there is already another WYSE key-set being considered but so far have heard nothing from them, hence it might be a bust  :-[ .  Anyone wanting to propose a WYSE standard set for SP to make, will be appreciated.

I count 37 keys there. Also, it should include the tsangan in the same color.

+1 for tsangan kit!

make the full set

ill be in


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