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[IC] Vortex Filco Case Universal/Phantom Plate Adapters (should fit QFR too)

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These would allow you to run flat/universal plates in the Vortex Filco case.
If you already have a QFR in a Vortex case, this should work with it as well.

Currently I'm testing and revising, I made small samples to get the right measurements and they seem to fit good. I'll be desoldering the switches on mine this weekend to change the plate and make sure everything fits how I want. Unfortunately, you will still have to desolder all your switches to swap the plate, there's nothing I can do about that.

I have no idea what they are worth to people, but I think I can get the adapters made and shipped (to the US and EU) for about $15 or less. This won't be a group buy as I can simply make them on an as needed basis, I'm just trying to see if there's any interest before I get too crazy into making them easy to use, and how precision they are.

Update: They work.
Looks stock from the outside. (Note: Case is being stripped for paint)

Please note that these are not just flat strips, they have a (.5mm) lip on them and are designed to hold themselves in place (yes, they need to be that precise).
They are made in multiple parts for several reasons, but trust me, it makes sense from a design and shipping standpoint. You need 9 parts, but I would include 10 to cover bad parts, breakage, etc..

Let me get this straight. So you're making a backplate for Filco, Vortex and maybe QFR cases? If so I might be interested.


--- Quote from: BliTzKiN on Sat, 13 July 2013, 11:12:41 ---Let me get this straight. So you're making a backplate for Filco, Vortex and maybe QFR cases? If so I might be interested.

--- End quote ---

She is gathering interest for plate support / plate adapters for Vortex-made aluminum cases, which are made to fit Filcos and QFRs and similar.  Not for backplates for proprietary cases.

Photoelectric is correct.

Universal plate group buys are common, the problem is that they cannot be used with the Vortex case.

Here is WhiteFireDragon's picture showing the problem...
The bottom plate is the stock Filco, you can clearly see the bent edges, the Vortex case uses those edges to clamp the plate in place.
The top plate shown is a flat universal plate, which lacks the bent edges, and therefore unusable in the Vortex case without some sort of adapter. It's for the adapter that I'm trying to gauge interest.

Photo by WhiteFireDragon, from here.

Great idea to adapt also the Phantom to Vortex case


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