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Title: Is the Sensei Ten close to the MLG in feel ..etc?
Post by: atarione on Sun, 07 November 2021, 19:36:31
So.. I have a Steelseries MLG that I had quit using as it had worn thru the finish..   since then I've had (and not liked) a Zowie ZA11 (I really don't like this mouse the high hump on the back is appalling), and a Sensei 310 (which is ok~... EXCEPT the Scroll wheel is the worst pile of crap I have ever used and I can't deal with it.   and a Logitech MX518 meh~ it is fine I guess.   and a Elecom ergonomic mouse.. which has a Great scroll wheel but it feels cheap otherwise and I cant really use it due to having nerve damage in my right ring finger it feels really weird / bad to use a ergo mouse.. like the Elecom...    Finally I got sick of all of these other mice and painted my MLG... which I may well just keep using as I quite like the MLG..

But yeah how close is the Sensei Ten to the orig Sensei / MLG? and does the scoll wheel suck like the 310?

my painting job isn't half bad I think?