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Title: Our Optimus Popularis hands-on review
Post by: wsjudd on Mon, 01 December 2014, 12:50:57

The Optimus Popularis is the latest insane keyboard to be produced by the Art Lebedev Studio. Each key on this compact keyboard can display any image, and be assigned any function. Itís the ultimate programmable keyboard, capable of displaying multiple input languages, or custom key legends for each program.

The Popularis is also exceedingly rare, with few units being produced and an ultra-premium price point. Still, if you work in multiple languages, use strange symbols or just want a technological marvel to sit on your desk, then the Popularis can be worthwhile.

We just received a couple Optimus Popularis units in stock, and I just had to try one for myself. Read on for my hands-on review!