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Latest fans ?

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What's the latest / greatest 120mm ??

Was looking at noctua, but then thought, this stuff is kinda grandpa,  any new fans ?.

There have been a few that match or beat Noctua, but it's always in that one review, the next time it comes up in another test Noctua regains the crown, I've never seen one fan do as well with multiple people and configs. Worse, there's almost always a caveat, it's a bit noisier, they cost almost as much, can't get them in your country or not without long shipping time, only one or two sizes, 30mm thick, or they're out of stock....

Noctua's still the benchmark everyone gets measured against.
3 brands to look at are Arctic, they have a new one that does well, there's also Nidec Gentle Typhoon and the newest Phanteks (very similar performance), but again as mentioned there's always a caveat.

The reason Noctua does so well is they did actual design and testing rather than just grabbing an off-the-shelf design like many do. It's actually pretty simple though, Noctua uses a glass filled plastic that allows a tighter blade to housing gap giving them better performance. This is why they look how they do and why they cost more, you can't replicate that with cheap plastic without fears of the fan hitting the housing which is why all of the others come with a caveat except maybe the Phanteks, which appears to use similar plastic.

Jesus christ, people still rolling Gentle Typhoons ?

If they weren't ball bearing, I'd consider it, but I can't stand ball bearing noises..zzzzzzzzz..z.zzzzzzz.zz.z.z.z.z.

Ok Llann, based on ur recommendation and divided by Tp4's p00rtitude multiplier, has ordered dat arctic P12.

..kinda grandpa??!!  >:D
Don't look anywhere else, just grab a Noctua, best you can get  :thumb:


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