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Title: I'm a new girl in here...Girls! Where are you?
Post by: lengmeo on Thu, 29 July 2021, 18:55:38
Put your hand up if you are a girl and new in here too!!! So I will know that I not alone 🥲
Just want to say Hi to the whole new world!!! HI!!! 😆
I working as Artisan Keycap all by myself, from learning to make it, then take a photo of it, then pr, then take video, etc. Lots of things that i haven't done before, lol. Especialy take a photo of the keycap will easy to drive you into crazy, I must say!
Btw, I hope I will have my own fans who will support for all of my hard works to keep me up!
Tks if you have reading until this line! Wish you all the luck!!!