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Hi everyone! Introducing the first keyboard from Kazoos & Co. - a top mount 60% take on the classic IBM Model F, called the Modern F.





The Modern F is a case made out 6063 aluminum and C260 Brass. Weighing in at 8.8lbs when built. Color options are: an IBM Off White powder coat, an Industrial Gray powder coat, and Clear Anodizing.

Supporting standard ANSI / ISO / TSANGAN and 10u spacebars on one plate, and 'plate B' DZ60 compatibility. *NEW* I also plan on supporting 10u spacebars natively with the help of Koobaczech at Pick up your 10u compatible PCBs here:

ANSI / ISO / TSANGAN Plate Layouts:

DZ60 Plate Layouts:

10u Compatible Plain60 PCB's:

10u Compatible Plain60 PCB Layouts:

The Modern F will be offered in two price points - $350 for the aluminum case and $165 for the 3D printed case. Both with come with interchangeable Brass Badges, Weights and Plates. Both the 3D printed and the aluminum case will also come with hard carrying cases. These cases are made out of sheet aluminum and riveted together. The cases will come with custom cut EVA foam to ensure a snug fit.

I have a big enough printer to print the top and bottom cases in a single piece. Details of the 3D printed case are as follows:

 - They weigh just under 4lbs (3.99lbs) or 1.81 kg!

 - They take all the same brass parts as the aluminum cases
 - I'm able to offer options like HHKB and WKL on the printed cases


NEW UPDATE - 2nd Prototype is here, with support for 10u spacebars out of the box! Next up is working on the finishes, packaging, then we're ready to launch!

UPDATE 3/22/21 | Prototypes are at the local finish shops, should have another update in a week with the protos. Packaging samples have been ordered, those should be here in 3 weeks. Discord has also been setup if you would like to come ask questions and follow my updates! Discord

Any feedback on the newest changes or future changes will be greatly appreciated. Follow me on Instagram for more updates regarding the project.

UPDATE 7/28/21 | The last pieces of the puzzle are coming together! I'm currently waiting on the powder coating shop to coat my prototypes in Off White and Industrial Gray, so that I can see what the final product will look like.

After that, I'm going to be running a friends and family sale for 6 units. There will 2 Off White units, 2 Clear Anodize, 1 Industrial Gray, and one custom powdercoat for a friend. These boards will have a numbered weight, and a concealed Nick Kazoos signature. I will be sending the boards out to reviewers to build before they ship out to customers.

In about 2-3 months time (sorry about the delays, I'm trying to make sure all my ducks are in a row before I take anyone's money), I will be running the group buy. I aim to have them shipped out late this year / early next year to customers. 3D printed cases will ship out a bit faster.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate all that support the project through following along with the me on the journey!

I like! Definitely interested.

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Good looking design, filled the IC form ;)
Imgur link isn't working...


--- Quote from: ♾Ḋḯṩⱥṩẗḝṟ on Wed, 01 July 2020, 12:51:34 ---Good looking design, filled the IC form ;)
Imgur link isn't working...

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the heads up, just updated the link. Should work now.

waiting for tkl


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