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Summary of an introduction: Crafting Keyboards
« on: Mon, 26 July 2021, 18:09:38 »
We are a team of designers who are geeks first, creative second. We have been amazed by this incredible community, just lurking, but we want to change that. We have been on Instagram posting regularly, but now we want to officially introduce Crafting Keyboards to you and show you the latest.


Take into consideration that we’ve had our store and page for almost two years, starting with different designs and showing off great products. We had some giveaways, great times, streaming partners on Twitch who were part of our giveaways and promos that were coming out. Everything was great…

…Then the Pandemic happened. We encountered some challenges, as so did everyone else. However, we kept pushing through these difficult times. Happily, we’re coming out of it now and looking hopefully to the future.
We want to share our newest projects from The Vault, which are basically the designs we thought would be amazing to develop once we had the resources to show them off. Many of our ideas start with a question “What if this, but in Keyboard?”, followed by brainstorming the idea, seeing how it could be realistically developed and then get them out to the public.
Our business is based and registered in the Dominican Republic, a beautiful country in the Caribbean, where islander kids started thinking how to get the products realistically made and cared for. To our luck, we’ve met wonderful artisans, designers and talent from all over the world, every one of them providing us with their knowledge, ideas, design and overall help.

The commitment we make to this community is that we’ll begin to roll out and launch new projects, like new Accessories, Keyboards, Keycaps, Switches, Desk Mats, etc. We’ll continue this with your support for as long as we’re part of this wonderful community.

Thank you all for your tremendous show of support.