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[IC] modular keycap
« on: Wed, 03 February 2021, 14:52:21 »
Hi all,

As a keyboard enthousiast with a 3D printer I wanted to try something new.
I know printed keycaps are not the same as artisans but maybe something inbetween.

The cap I designed is some sort of modular keycap, the bottom (base) and top (design) can be printed in different materials (colors).

I already tested multiple models and this came out as my favourite.

On my keyboard.

Anyone interested in keycaps created by this method?
Which designs would you like on them?
Should I paint them? (I would say no, to keep them as clean as possible)
Preferred colors?
What is a reasonable price if I would sell them?
Any other tips?

Kind Regards,


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Re: [IC] modular keycap
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 03 February 2021, 15:11:51 »
Huh, this reminds me of the thing Filco did a while back.


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Re: [IC] modular keycap
« Reply #2 on: Wed, 03 February 2021, 18:50:04 »
This is a cool idea, although I'm not really a fan of FDM printed caps. I know Geistmaschine is working a similar concept called T1, a metal artisan which uses screws to attach different tops.

I'm not sure what your options are using a 3d printer, but I'm curious what your mounting interface is like. This will determine the shape and size of what can be mounted.

Then- are you planning on releasing this information to artisans & DIY-ers for a whole ecosystem of caps, or just GB'ing a different design of yours every once in a while?

Definitely a fun idea but these things are important factors when picking a price. I'd be more inclined to buy this if I can mount things other than assorted helmets.

Personally I would charge <$10 for the base and anywhere from $4 to $50 for tops, depending on designer and material.

I think this has the most potential as downloadable files as well as an in-stock item. It's hard to turn a profit on something this small and cheap without charging an obscene amount of money.
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