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[IC] ePBT Travelling - Deskmat! Vendors Announced!

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Introducing ePBT Travelling
A journey where you travel all around the world , being guided by architectural landmarks.
I hope you relish the journey!

Worldwide: KBDfans
US: Vala Supply
CAN: DeskHero
EU: Mykeyboard
OCE: SwitchKeys
UK: proto[Typist]

The Base Kit is containing everything you need for the most common layouts along with alternatives if you want no accent keys.
Katakana Alt Alphas
Hiragana Alt Alphas
Novelties KitAll of the novelties were bought from
Credits to Vectors Point for the icons.
Modern Kit
Can't handle a tkl keyboard? No problem, created the Numpad Kit especially for you! Numpad Kit
Forties Kit
Accents Kit
International Kit

TGR 910
TGR Jane
TGR Alice

Change Log:
- Changed the mods legends colours.
- Added 2 new kits: Katakana Alt Alphas;Hiragana Alt Alphas.
- Moved R1 pipe key to R2 to cover us-iso support.
- Added 2 R2 novelties to cover the nav column in 65/75s layout.

- Added the deskmat
- Vendors were announced
- Changed the base kit
- Changed the accents kit

Too muted for my liking, but novelties are really nice!

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I like it and will cop once go live.

Why does a set inspired by traveling all over the world have Japanese sub legends?


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