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[IC] Domikey X GLOVE APES THEME PRODUCTS Keycaps & keyboard & Switchs & Pazzle

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damn there's a lot to go through here, all looks nice

Huge amount of effort going in to this IC.

Nice work Glove!

Guessing the non-clicky switch will be using a thicc click bar?  I may be interested. 

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Marketing campaign in an IC - Did I just get marketed to? Welp - theme and style are fun. SA caps are not for me the colorway is solid. Great effort on the IC / enjoy the humor of the switch choice. Cool to see a variant of the Colossus - wish it was rebranded to The Great Ape or something stupid. GLWIC - I will certainly keep any eye on this for fun.


--- Quote from: Slayer77 on Wed, 30 June 2021, 18:09:54 ---This is a full fledged IC, but you are missing an IC form for feedback.

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--- End quote ---

Because this isn't an IC. The GB already started in China. Doubt they will adjust to any feedback from GH. This is literally an advertisement.


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