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[IC] Domikey X GLOVE APES THEME PRODUCTS Keycaps & keyboard & Switchs & Pazzle

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--- Quote from: haystack on Sat, 10 July 2021, 15:59:56 ---Tell me there was already a China GB without telling me there was already a China GB.

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Group buying will be launched on KC in the near future. Welcome to follow!

What size click bar is used in the Bullet Switch?

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Do we have a date when it will be on Drop?

Hi! Is it possible to know SA APES color codes? I do custom powder coatings & other stuff, I'd like to pair it with a custom case  :cool:

WOW that is a lot to take in.  All looks quite good.  The SA Resin caps look nice and the switches are interesting. Watching with interest for sure.


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