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[IC] Domikey X GLOVE APES THEME PRODUCTS Keycaps & keyboard & Switchs & Pazzle

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Wow there is a lot going on here, but I like it  :thumb:


--- Quote from: novelflyer on Wed, 30 June 2021, 17:45:41 ---I like the artisan and the novelties. Do you have sound test for the switches?

--- End quote ---
Thank you for your compliment!


--- Quote from: Neely_12 on Wed, 30 June 2021, 17:48:48 ---Donít really understand the puzzle, but everything else looks pretty good. Forced accents on the base kit is something I would like to see changed. Good luck!

--- End quote ---
Shaft proofing will be completed in a few days, and the test video will be uploaded to YOUTUBE later, thank you for your attention

This is a full fledged IC, but you are missing an IC form for feedback.

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I quit.


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