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[IC] GMK Soyamilk | IV Works Av3x Soyamilk Announced! - GB Date October 1, 2021

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you know, i thought that it was a combination of the rama keyboard colors. glwic.


--- Quote from: Klonndor on Sun, 09 May 2021, 17:33:27 ---
--- Quote from: Afresh on Sun, 09 May 2021, 17:27:28 ---"Because of our shared Asian roots in this projectweebs giving us money, we feel strongly about having Cangjie sublegends in our basekit."


--- End quote ---

Canjie legends are chinese characters

--- End quote ---

Sealed in history, nicely done lol

@OP - Personally I prefer alpha-colored spacebars and I think some others also probably follow, since it's the default. For spacebars kit, will regular-colored spacebars be avail?

Love the inspiration for this set - hits me right in the feels...and I have to ask - does the BLB stand for pineapple bun?

Finally some good looking clever novelties that aren’t just boring line art. I really appreciate the effort.

Edit: yeah the space bar kit should have alpha coloured splits. I wouldn’t bother putting more than one 6U bar in it though. Just one white one.

1. Is the R4 branch novelty design supposed to be of dry soy? If so, that's not really what it looks like from what I can tell. If it's wheat, then the design makes a bit more sense.

2. Doing just one form of Cangjie (simplified vs traditional) has some unfortunate and deep political implications, you sort of have to run both to not come off like a ****. Or offer the necessary interchangeable keys for each style in one base kit.


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