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Which sets work with which layouts?


While I am fairly new to this hobby, I feel like I still grasp many of the concepts pretty well.

However, I'm a little confused on whether or not a keycap set of any % could be used for a keyboard that is a lower %. For example, could a 65% keycap set be used for a 60% keyboard?

I have this question because I was looking at the GMK Red Samurai's and saw that the 65% had this layout:

But it didn't seem like it could be used with a 60% layout like this:

Is this only happening here or does this apply to all keycap sets?

You would need the full base kit from the earlier run, these current kits are very limited in their coverage.


You have to carefully go through each key that's not standard - 1u modifiers to fill that layout are usually available either in extension or 1800 kit if not base, but this means you pay more to cover a small board than a big one.  If you see yourself swapping caps often it's best to go with a board that uses standard sizes.

When it comes to covering a 65% you have to look at what row the cap is too as if it's in the wrong place it will be the wrong height and will look and feel weird.  Unless it's a DSA or SA row 3 set as they're flat.

Alright, thanks for clearing that up.



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