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Finally got around to joining this awesome forum!

Went down this rabbit hole as a natural progression from building PCs.

Cheers everyone...from the 6ix!! 

same, finally committed to build and fine tune some boards, was introduce to mks via Hippio

Iíve been watching videos about how to tape mod but I want something more refined now especially with so many great 65% coming from different suppliers - gaskets here I come

currently running a GMMK pro ;D

Hello there!

I started watching Brandon Taylor and got drawn in with that cool vibe aesthetic of his!  LOL!

My daily driver is a silver Drop ALT low profile with Holy Panda X switches.  I changed the awful stabs, lubing and clipping the new ones, with tape mod.  Lubed the switches as well.  Difference is night and day! 

Cheers and have fun!   :thumb:

Nice, what do you think of Drop board? Are you a fan or are you looking to upgrade. Not sure where to start myself.


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