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Balatro, the oled ruiner

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NE1 else addicted ?

This makes no sense, it's basically cookie clicker with cards.

I mean I feel like it would be addicting it's a game based on poker hands.

Also cookie clicker is like tailor made to send consistent dopamine to your brain for a while with all those increasing numbers.

Ghhahahahahh Tp4 messed up, didn't know what increase rank of card meant.

Changed 2 Aces into 2x 2s.  That's what it meant.... wth gon' do with 6x 2s in the deck.

__foams @ mouth.

It's not at all a cookie clicker, that's a type of AFK game, which Balatro absolutely isn't.

That said I really enjoyed it though! Even as a former poker player I thought it was really well done.

Sum'o deez cards yo, why do they even exist?

Red card is performing excellently, skip booster = +3x multi, it's @ 30x multi already for Tp4. Seems good early game, since early boosters don't help much, just skip.

The only legendary joker Tp4 saw so far is only 21 multi, so this seems almost as good, and you can unlock / use right away.


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