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--- Quote from: inlikeflynn on Tue, 07 August 2012, 23:02:37 ---Sleep: Dopesmoker

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All the other dudes in my band love Sleep... I never got into sludge.

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sleep is the best of any stoner metal band. If they ever do another reunion mini-tour, try to go as it is epic. Drove to Chicago a few years back to see one of the 6 shows or whatever they did back then

still only 2/3rds of the way through the song, lol

by the way, got any music online for your band?

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Our guitar player filmed them on multiple occasions... check out -- it's his videography site of live footage he's shot over the years. Amazing number of shows.

We have a bandcamp - - with recordings done with the old drummer. We're working on some new stuff so hopefully we'll get something out with me on the drums soon :)

Oh and just in case it's not clear, our tongues are firmly in cheek  :cool:

John Mayer - Born & Raised

microsoft windows:
I'm listening to Willie Nelson right now.

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Busta & Vybz Kartel


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