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What did you do today?

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Got unhealthy kinds of angry... again.

Jack Karneval:
Been working since 8am this morning.... still working now... Going to go home and pass out most likely...

My day...its boring. :(


--- Quote from: funkymeeba on Wed, 10 July 2013, 13:39:53 ---Got unhealthy kinds of angry... again.

--- End quote ---


Grim Fandango:
I got up 7 AM and cycled 50 km on my roadbike, got back , showered , took the metro to work and got there just past 9.30.

Talked to a group of colleagues about a field experiment we are planning for august, everyone liked my ideas. Win. Worked on an old paper the rest of the day, need to present it again at some point and had some things I still needed to change.

Went and met my girlfriend in the city and we ate at KFC * classy *
Then we went home and watched "Master chef Australia" which she loves for some reason, even though she does not cook.

Finally played 2 games of Dota2 Captain's mode with 4 friends and won both. I played Elder Titan in one and Night Stalker in the other. My girlfriend came in and asked me to proofread something, then got annoyed when I said I was in the middle of a game. Won the argument afterwards by saying that I am always willing to help, but it is unfair to demand that I drop whatever I am doing that very second, which she agreed with. Did my routine situps, pushups and bicep curls. Took a shower afterwards.

Then I went online and checked geekhack, which is now.

The rest of the day only includes cleaning the cat litter box and going to sleep. I might read some Hajime no ippo (manga) on my mobile phone in bed. I have trouble falling asleep. Oh damn 0:56 I need to get to bed.


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