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DCA IRMAkey/3270 Keyboard w/ OG Cherry MX White Switches


Hey all! First time posting here so bare with me  :p

Just found this IRMA Keyboard at my local flea market this past weekend. Sadly the original sticker label came off so trying to find a reference to this keyboard model was a bit hard. Thankfully I found some old posts on here and DT to go by. For now, I intend to keep the keyboard original unless it would be beneficial to desolder the switches. I opened up the keyboard and took some pictures for future reference.

DCA IRMAkey/3270 Keyboard Features:
- 121x Vintage Early Cherry MX White (Translucent Stem with no nub) "Soft Click"
- 4x Vintage Cherry MX Super Black
- 1x Vintage Cherry MX Linear Grey
- Dye Sub Keycaps

Model No: KXN5-C651 / BXN5-C651

A Cherry board with a plate?  Interesting PCB too, often these matrices designed to avoid ghosting have clearly been drawn by hand to get everything on one side but this one has right angles and is double sided.  The quirky stepped backspace also adds to the charm :thumb:

Looks perfectly clean so if it fits on your desk enjoy it!


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