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WHY is the HHKB superior?

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Okey, I know there are some threads floating around here, but I wanted to ask a pretty specific question: What about the HHKB's layout is it that makes it superior to all other layouts? Is it only for programmers using specific programs it is so damn good, or is it for all everyday users? I'm extremely intruiged by the keyboard, and I'm really considering jumping straight to it.. after my next paycheck.
However, I'm defo not a programmer, and all I'll be using my KB for is gaming, browsing, typing (I'm a psychology student, AKA I will be writing lots of essay like papers), and just general use.
As always, I know everything is personal preference, but I want to hear your opinions! :)

its so nice

just try it


--- Quote from: sth on Tue, 20 May 2014, 05:56:17 ---its so nice

just try it

--- End quote ---

Haha, would you care to ellaborate? :)) And I'll probably wait 'till I get my Poker 2, and see wether or not I like the 60% formfactor before I decide wether or not to get the HHKB.

Control placement, backspace/delete placement and aesthetics. The split backspace is awesome for me, because I can use it as apostrophe when I have my language set to Norwegian in my OS.

Well... I like Ctrl key in place of Caps Lock. it's where it SHOULD be.

And I think you'll like Poker II. It's my work keyboard and I adore it :)


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