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Hi geekhack


Hi geekhack, nice to meet you all.  :D
I was into keebs for a while now, but only participate in local small communities (as you can expect from an introvert). Some of my friend introduce geekhack to me and saying that I should share my stuffs in here so that people can see them. So here I am, giving it a shot. :D

Attached my daily drive that take me ~6 months to finish the project.

And a dump face on the keeb:

Have a nice week  :D

Welcome to Geekhack.

Honestly while your daily driver while very cluttered, it fits the theme of the board quite well. Those artisans are quite cool as well.

Have a nice week as well :)

Hey, thanks for the welcome. Yeah, it looks cluttered as expected since I'm also cluttered with things on my head  :eek:
I checked the rules, wiki and was messing around in GH, also my first impression is things seems to be more on the "technical" side of things. And I'm a bit lost, not sure where I could fit in since I'm more on the "colorful" side.   :rolleyes:
Any suggestion?

Geekhack's core philosophy is definitely more on the technical nature of the hobby, tinkering around with different switches and boards is just very interesting to a lot of us, especially me who has always been a more diy person and making a keyboard build from start to finish is a very enjoyable process.

There are tons of threads on the geekhack media section of the board showing peoples creative photography and keyboards and showcasing the cool and sometimes colourful boards and artisans that the community has which could interest you, and the making stuff together thread has some creative stuff in there.

I'd still recommend checking out all of the things that geekhack has to offer, you might enjoy the technical side a lot. I know that when I started I was mainly into the aesthetics and sound of a keyboard, and now I really enjoy all of this nerd stuff lol

Thanks, checking out the media sub-forum.
Also start seeing fun stuffs in Input Devices :D


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