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Hello... again?

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Thanks all.  I'm pretty agnostic when it comes to keyboards, be they classic mechanical or new mechanical (but the ibm model m is nearly goat.)  My interest in DIY mechanical is due to the fact that carpal tunnel got me, and while I am glad this commercial split keyboard I have helps, I can see room for improvements.



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--- Quote from: mohawk1367 on Fri, 22 September 2023, 07:42:37 ---im jealous of people that got to use cool keyboards in high school. im a senior and we have membranes only lol

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Same all the computers had either bad membrane or the standard apple keyboards (I actually don't think they are that bad but I prefer my mech boards of course)

Also welcome to geekhack anathae

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the best keyboard ive had in school was a key tronic membrane i found in a supply closet in my tech class. it wasnt even bad and the teacher let me take it home actually lol. variable weighted domes too


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