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Need help deciding on a switch


I don't really want to buy a switch tester. But I decided I would get either of the following switches:

-Kailh Box Navy
-MMD Princess Tactile 62g

I realise navies are quite loud; but I do like the clicky noise but I am wondering if that gets annoying in the long term. In which case, I would get the princess switches. But I do find that it can be more satisfying to use, idk. I need help. Also, I don't think I will buy lube and so I wanted to know if the Princess switches are any good without lubing. I currently have Gateron Optical Blues which aren't bad but I'm kind of looking for something that feels a bit more defined in both tactility and clickiness. I don't really like using linear switches or at least ones with low actuation force because I find myself mistyping a lot.

I don't mind if you give switch recommendations but I kinda chose these switches based on the prices I found them for.



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