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Variety Of keyboard?


Wood Keyboards?:
Hi everyone!! I always want to have an industrial-style keyboard made with concrete. I wonder do you guys have any in mind. If not, maybe I should make one (which I am planning to)

I am planning to use silicon to mould an existing keyboard case design. Please suggest which case you guys like the most.most used ?) Then I will pour concrete inside and form a keyboard case made with concrete.

Maybe need to add some rubber at the bottom to prevent it slip? and need some material to prevent it to chip? Also what mounting method will be the best in that case?  I really want to create a keyboard like that!

Please let me know what alternative materials you guys want to try too! I want to create some unusual keyboard case.

You're best bet is to replicate what you see here:

The easiest solution would be a top mount style case where the custom plate that mounts to the underside of the top case. None of this will be quick and easy. You likely won't be able to use any off the wall keyboard and throw it in some silicone and then use that to fill with concrete. Most cases are in 2 parts that either clip or screw together. Both the concrete case and accompanying plate will be custom to the design as the case will need mounting holes and the plate will need matching holes. Most cases (outside sandwich) would have a rim full of mounting holes.


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