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[Hello World] Architecture meets keyboard


Long-time lurker and keyboard enthusiast here.

Like many, I got into the keyboard hobby during the lockdowns when I had to work from home for hours and hours.
The hobby really took off and there have been heaps of great hits since then. But in spite of the successes and developments, there's always been an itch of mine yet to be scratched.

As a designer and maker who's both a technologist and a futurist, I would like to bring over aspects from my work and research at the University of Sydney into the hobby.

There are numerous breakthroughs in AI, parametric design, generative design, and additive manufacturing that have yet to make it into mainstream adoption on consumer products.

The amount of creativity the keyboard community has shown in recent years has inspired me to innovate directly for the consumer, rather than some big engineering or architecture firm.

I view the humble keyboard and accessories as a starting point for the development and experimentation of my ideas.
I'm keen to get feedback on the work I do and to get to know like-minded people.

I'll be sharing more details in an upcoming GB soon. See you there!


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