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Are comedy movies dead?

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--- Quote from: Faceman76 on Sun, 04 July 2021, 04:59:41 ---Clarkson's Farm.
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This was so much better than I would have ever expected.

Unlike The great Escapists.

--- Quote from: Faceman76 on Sun, 04 July 2021, 08:32:20 ---Due to political correctness and cancel culture,  it's no longer acceptable to make fun of anyone.
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This is B.S. and has been going on ever since comedy has existed.

Art has a shelf life, the more sign of the times you are the shorter the life it will have.
Every time a comedian (or musician) says this it's someone who's past their prime and upset because they can't make it work anymore, either the act was dated or they got lazy and thought they could make anything sound funny and flopped.

it kinda start to age but when i want a good laugh i usually rewatch Kung Fury (free on youtube and steam) or The Mask (this one is old but still i dunno if you could do better today), i do not know if you count it but to me Deadpool should count as comedy with action sprinkled in.
and i do think studios are somewhat scared of the cancel culture too so less funding to risky films

I'd just figured that I lost my sense of humour with age.

I mean, everything mentioned itt is from 5+ years ago. The last legitimately funny 'recent' movie I've seen was probably Game Night, that's the only one I remember laughing with and that's still over 4 years old.
TV has gotten funnier. Especially in the recent 4-5 years since budgets have grown, but I do feel as if the stand alone comedy movie is becoming a thing of the past.

Now that I've given it some more thought, Happy Death Day 2, Love and Monsters, The Mitchels vs the Macines and Freaky are comedies that I saw recently and enjoyed. 

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