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To Bruce: Filco Tenkeyless enquiry

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--- Quote from: ch_123;146056 ---I'd say that would depend on the popularity of the Filcos that they are currently getting into stock.

I should warn you by the way, there are very few British or Irish Geekhackers who don't switch over to the US layout after a few months in this place...
--- End quote ---

I will Stick with the UK ISO layout! (He says typing this on an M13 with a US ANSI layout!).

Seriously, my brain just goes blonde when looking for slashes and other lesser-used characters.

Oh, and Bruce, this is not, for once, me expressing interest in another of your (potential) products. I'll be keeping my numberpad.

I use a Filco Tenkeyless, but I just have the UK layout set in everything (OS wize), so yeah the 2 key has the @ above (which is really above ' next to the execute/return key) but it puts out the " and there are a few more transposed, but its not such a big deal in the long run. I just know where most of them are and doubt that you will notice after some time.

But I have my dads blue Alps switched board that still has the pencilled in true characters above and next to the keys (or on a bit of masking tape) if you feel the need to do so.

Daniel Beardsmore:
If was going to pencil and stick tape all over it I'd just get one of those fugly Cherry keyboards for not much over half the price :-P

I'm seriously considering getting one blue MX, one brown MX, and try both; my father has expressed interest in having the spare (to replace a truly horrid Cherry rubber dome), or I may take it to work, or a friend might be interested in a mechanical modern NKRO given the chance to use it first hand (he's kept an old rubber dome for years that does acceptable rollover, and is less keen on replacing his keyboard than I am with my scissor). It would be safer for me to just get the full 105-key with a standard layout.

Well it all depends on how well you can remember where the keys are, if its not a problem just run the layout you want as I do ...if not have some tape on it for a few weeks/days.

I mean after all some people have boards/keytops without anything on them.

The problem with using the UK layout on a US keyboard is that you lose the |\ key. If you do any sort or programming or command line usage, you're going to have pretty serious problems.


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