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G80-3000 with Brown switches

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Bruce, is there any possibility of getting the Cherry G80-3000 with the MX brown switches, preferably UK layout?

Hi whininggit

(Kills me addressing a potential customer like that!)
There's nothing in the pipeline - so not for a few months at least. Certainly not impossible though. I can enquire.

You not interested in the Filco? Would look nice in that collection. :typing: And you'd have it by the weekend.


I did consider the Filco. It seems like a nice board and the NKRO would be welcomed for games, but the bright LEDs are a bit of a turn-off. Plus, I know that I like the Cherry key caps (in feel, durability and sound) whereas the Filco caps are supposedly thinner and more prone to wear.

If the Filco wasn't so costly, I'd be willing to put up with those 'issues', but as it stands it would be an expensive compromise. Don't take this as criticism towards TKC, because your prices are very reasonable (and perhaps the Filco does deserve a higher price tag than a Cherry-made board), but the G80-3000 seems to fit my needs better.

I haven't ruled out the Filco completely though.

You could buy the Filco and then swap the keycaps from one of your Cherry boards and have the best of both worlds.

Hi Whininggit

Just had confirmation from Cherry that they have never made a UK 3000 with Browns so they would want quite a large production order. Unless there is a fair demand I wouldn't be able to do that.
If you want to check out a Filco, let me know and we'll find a way to make it happen. You're in the UK aren't you?

Not a bad idea mp29k. Has anyone done that?


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