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Moderation Team:
Group Buys and Preorders is a marketplace for any buys open to the geekhack community with the following requirements:

- Thread starters seek community funding for multiple units of products that are not yet entirely available on hand for distribution.  These products might not yet be made or ordered by thread starter.  Group Buy organizers collect funds from forum members in order to reach a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), to obtain a product at a lower price tier, or to create multiple custom products to lower cost per unit.

- Forum members, Artisans, and Vendors may start threads in this section.  Reminder to Vendors, please check the Vendor Terms of Service.

- Minimum forum membership duration of 2 months + post count of 25 are required to create new threads.

- Please use the [GB] prefix in your thread title in order to make thread titles in this subforum more distinctive for those browsing using Spy or Unread Topics.

- There is a limit of 2 concurrent (from starting and until finished delivery) Group Buy / Preorder threads per Member/Artisan and 4 concurrent threads per Vendor. 

- Only those who are directly involved in running a group buy are allowed to start threads here (i.e. please do not post a thread on behalf of someone else).

- is a community of keyboard enthusiasts and not simply an advertising platform for keyboard-related sales.  Thus we request that any group buy organizers who post their group buy threads in this section also provide updates in the thread they have started until the conclusion of the group buy, even if updates are also posted somewhere else.  Group buy threads made here are for group buy progress discussion as well as open discussion of any quality control issues.   If a group buy organizer decides to provide an off-site instant message chat option for faster order support (for example Discord), any such communication needs to be optional when it comes to non-sensitive* order information.

*Reminder to group buy organizers and participants: please do not post personally identifying information in the discussion threads, such as personal names, addresses, contact information, etc.--either in text or in photographs.

If you would like to advertise products entirely in your possession, please use the Classifieds, or, if applicable, you may use the Artisan Services or Vendor Forums sections.

This compilation thread lists active group buys.  Thread starters: if you'd like to advertise your buy(s) and help keep this reference list up to date, please reply to the compilation thread with a link to your buy and the date on which you plan to stop taking orders.

When starting a thread in this forum, be as descriptive as possible about the terms and conditions of your group buy/preorder.  Please have a clear explanation of what you seek to collect funds for, as well as include a timeline estimate for the progression of your buy. 

Regular updates from thread starters are always appreciated by the community.

user 18:

2018/06/16: Added requirement that GB runners who start a thread must continue to post updates until the buy concludes.

Moderation Team:

2018/07/12:  Amended the previously added requirement for GB runners who start a thread to continue all updates in the thread to a more expanded and explicit requirement for all relevant communication to take place in the thread.


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