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Marquardt NIB Find.

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We turned up a beauty whilst having a spring clean this week.
It's a new in box Marquardt Ergonomic with what looks like a Cherry White switch - I'll have to check that tomorrow.

Those are pretty sweet. They're like the stealth bomber of keyboards.  The switches are/were manufactured by Marquardt, themselves, and from what I understand, they are linear (I could be wrong, though).  Good find, enjoy!

Yes, they feel linear. I seem to remember they feel a lot like a Cherry Black.

--- Quote ---Bruce.. sounds German. Wanna trade?
--- End quote ---

Webwit, yours is German. It's got that qwertz thing going on... But yes, I think Marquardt are/were German too. I like the stealth bomber bit but I think with that steel top panel and being German, we should go with Panzer.

I was wondering, if there was a lot of interest, I may do a sealed bids sale. Might be fun.

I'm not interested, but I think you would get a few, quality bids.



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