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Marquardt NIB Find.

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Marqaurdt made their own switches, which as you pointed out, were similar to the Cherry Blacks.

The Stealth Bomber analogy is strangely appropriate - they made a trackball keyboard as part of a portable computer for the German military, which was based arond a modified DEC computer with an AMD K6.

Is that Khaki?

Mental Hobbit:

--- Quote from: Bruce;166471 ---Is that Khaki?
--- End quote ---

Yes. There are lots available on German ebay.
The Marquardt switches feel pretty bad. But a NIB Ergo is still a nice collectible.

This is the portable?
If it had another three trackballs you could flip it over and ride it like a skateboard.. That would be very portable.

I think the Sealed bid's idea is a good one. Sadly, as I am over the Wife Limit* on keyboards at the moment, I won't be bidding.

*Wife Limit - The amount of keyboards you can have/hide before people read about a murder in the local papers, with the assailant muttering only "another bloody keyboard" over and over. In the next days paper you read that she flips in processing as they type in her details. Further down the line, she is prosecuted for assaulting the court's stenographer. I have been assured that this limit exists, and will be proven to be more than a theory should I buy another keyboard without selling other's first. The exception to this rule is, apparently, a Magical Object, known as "Jimmy Choo's" that must be presented, and this is important, before the announcing the procurement of another typing or pointing device.


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