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Hi, trying to sell my artisan globally, is this the right place ?

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Hi, greetings from Indonesia. You can call me Ham.
I am starting my artisan keycap in last november last year locally. Now I am trying to start marketing globally. You can follow my Instagram showcase on hephaestos.caps.

Is this the right website ? Or any other better website for me to start marketing my keycap ?

Thanks everybody, I dunno who will read this but if you do, check out my Instagram  ;D

Nuclear Nachos:
posting on instagram, reddit (r/mechmarket), and possibly a discord server are also good places to share and sell your keycaps  :)

Thank you so much, I have instagram already (hephaestos.caps), gonna post on reddit later!

Great. Your business is at its peak right now.

granola bar enthusiast:
of course there are the obvious options of r/mechmarket, Instagram, eBay, and others. I would recommend advertising on some Discord servers and trying to start a small community or server.


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