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Hey everyone!


Nice to be part of the family!

Recently got in to the hobby, the entire community has been super supportive and also very helpful!

I only have 1 build done so far (image):

* Tofu65
* DZ65RGB v3
* MA Blue Cat Keycaps Set
* Milky yellow (lubed and not filmed)
* Case foam and PCB foam
* Carbon Fiber plate
Extra mods: band-aid mod

Looking to build another 4 keyboards:
1) ergo (65%), no idea which one though, so any suggestions are greatly welcomed!
2) Ortho, its looking like the one from drop is my go to but again any other suggestions would be great!
3) 96% keyboard, so far i have keychron and i am thinking about taking it apart and mod it to make it better.
4) really like the new Ziggurat Proto coming out soon so we shall see if that's something ill be gettings but definitely on the bottom of the list.


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