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[WTB] DCS Miami Twice, DCS Nostalgia, JTK Orange, Weaven Keyboard, Hammer Case

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Hello all,

I am looking to buy a couple things listed below (bolded items are my priorities):

- DCS Miami Twice
- DCS Nostalgia or JTK Orange on Black
- DCS Delftware
- Revo Kmini (Any colors)
- Weaven R1/R2 (Any Colors)
- Duck Poker
- FMJ Poker
- Hammer Case 60% (Has to be OG, no clones)

Let me know what you have, feel free to message me on discord as well @ blackriver35#4519

odd has gmk deep space listed for sale. Try pm  him

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Thank you I just reached out to him!

Bump, I want a new keyset.

Did you say someone is selling Deepspace? Im trying to buy a set.


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