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[UK] Filco Tenkeyless w/Blues (US layout)


Thanks to buyer and iMav :-)

I've only used it for a few hours, the tenkeyless layout just isn't for me :(

I bought it secondhand, but it really is in almost new condition. There is a slight wear on the right hand half of the space bar if you look very closely...
I guess the seller had decided the same about tenkeyless - it arrived in a Filco 105 key box!
Anyway you can decide for yourselves from the photos - using a flash they aren't the most flattering, but you can clearly see the condition.

It comes with red escape key, passive USB-PS/2 adapter, and the plastic packing piece that can be used as a dust cover.

I'm asking 75 for it, plus whatever it costs me to post it :)


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