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[Service] Bolt-mod your SSK + ANSI2ISO layout change

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this ia one of the best services I have seen, and @ frerenc you should set up your services for USA and make a post here, I'm sure people who have their IBM's and dont need bolt mod they will still want to have it done anyways. This post is as great as Whiskers custom braided cables.


--- Quote from: theferenc on Fri, 08 July 2011, 17:57:01 ---I can do it in the states, if people are interested. I've thought about offering this, but wasn't sure if there was interest. I'll do SSK and regular Model Ms, as well as the 122 key terminal emulators. I wouldn't be able to do any until 1 August, though.

Sorry Half-Saint, I'll remove this post if you want me to.

--- End quote ---
Hi! I know this is an old post, but do you still do this???


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