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WTS: OTD RA (red alert) 2.0+2.1

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Hi all, been out of the keyboard game for a while and need some money so I am selling my last item I sorta forgot about.

This is an OTD red alert (RA) 2.0 and 2.1 set from user Uranium in DCS profile. It was last used about 5 years ago. It saw frequent use for a short period of time. I have no idea how much to price this for as I have been out of the game for years and do not see it sold anywhere in the last 3 years. I am going to start with 600 shipped to the CONUS but am more than willing to hear offers. Have a good one everyone  :thumb:

Bump. Numpad gone and price drop on filco!

Damn I want the custom plate............................. (I need it for a Phantom.......)  :(

Bump- added poker with clears for trade

Bump- everything sold


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