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Build stream by Alexotos:
Hello Geekhack, This is PapaMaoddd from Atelier Haven
Here I am bringing you a board that was inspired by one of my favorite pieces of architecture in this world, Haven Huis designed by Zaha Hadid.

I was lucky enough to visit this masterpiece of architecture in person before the global pandemic and I was immediately shocked and realized why I was always into that building.
The diamond-cut like glass curtain walls and the hints of deconstructivism almost exploded my mind that I didn’t know any architecture could be this brilliant and impactful in person.
This style has been influenced me on my design preferences since then. Now, I have decided to bring this sort of design language into keyboard, another major part of my life.
Let’s come back to the word “haven”. Even though “Haven Huis” means “port building” in English, I still took “Haven” as the name of this board since “haven” in English, accurately describes what custom keyboards means in my life.
The process of building a custom board is like a resort to me since the daily life of a young architect is never easy. To me, building and typing on custom boards is just like a haven that shelters me from my exhausting daily life.
Now, here comes the Haven65
Degree and Front Height: 7.5 degrees with 18.6 mm front height
Mounting: Gasket
PCB: 1.2mm flex cut solder/ansi hotswap
Layout Support: Standard ANSI with 7u bottom row and split backspace and step caps
Colors: Burgundy, Gunmetal Grey, Violet, Silver and E-White
Projected MSRP: TBD, SE with alu weight <$330, FE with PVD Weight < $430
Vendor: TBD
Prototypes Pictures

Haven 65 is a leaf-spring gasket mounted 65% layout keyboard. My first ever customizable keyboard is a 65% and this layout is always my favorite, and that is why I decided to design a 65 as my first ever keyboard.
The front of the keyboard will feature a quite-thinner-than-average bezels comparing to many other 65% keyboard and there will be no extra decoration on the front since I really need every single key on the right-most column.
The sexiest part of Haven is on its sides, rear and back. There is a distinctive design, a triangular shaped cut on the two bottom rear corners of the keyboard and it really looks like a cantilever structure you can see on Haven Huis.
For the rest of the exterior part, I will let the photos speak for themselves.

PCB and Mounting Structure
The mounting of the plate and pcb utilizes gasket, one of the most popular mounting methods today and I added leaf spring to strengthen the bouncy feeling you get from typing.
The plate and pcb will be centered through the 3.5 poron so that the plate will not touch the aluminum shell of the keyboard.

The 1.2 mm pcb will feature a long flex cut in between r2 and r3 running from A all the way to Enter. The hot swappable pcb will also feature tsangan layout on r5 and split backspace.

Renders of color way

What will be changed for the possible upcoming group buy?

Bottom Case: the port for jst cable will be enlarged since the jst port on pcb could hit the bottom case easily on current version of the board.

The logo will be changed to a personal iteration of the word “Haven”. The logo on the current version of the board you see above will be moved to the bottom case of the board.

Then if you are interested in this keyboard, please click the discord link:
The GB in China is already started and there will be many more renders and photographs waiting for you in the discord server!


Awesome looking bottom design.

One comment I have is that you should consider removing the "Haven" text on the bottom and leaving just the outline of the building.

OMG thats so clean cant wait for the GB and glwic

That weight design is sick, glwic


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