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[GB] Tomak (토막) (Tented Split TKL) - Now Live on CannonKeys!
« on: Mon, 18 September 2023, 10:00:11 »
    TOMAK (토막) (Tented Split TKL)
    Group buy launching Saturday 16th September

    IC thread:

    The Tomak is finally here! Since it's running on CannonKeys and we're acting as the lead vendor - I decided to post it here on Geekhack.
    Syryan, the designer, is well known in the Korean keyboard community and has worked with Lin and other designers in the past.
    We're excited to be working with him on Tomak! More information on his background is in the IC linked above.

    Through the IC phase, we heard a lot of chatter about the extra 7YHB keys that are necessary for the board.
    Since usability and ergonomics were the first priority of this board, Syryan decided to include these keys on both sides on the board.
    The idea is that even if you sometimes use the "wrong" finger for these keys, using Tomak will not be a problem.

    We understand that this makes finding keycap compatibility tough - but there are solutions, such as using novelty keys or alpha-colored numpad keys.
    In light of this, we are also offering free kits of "7YHB" keys in WS1 color from NicePBT with every purchase of Tomak (on Cannonkeys, while supplies last - though, we think given the price of the board and MOQ, we should have enough for everyone).

    Click for more:

    Prototype photographs

    Click for more:

    • Tented Split TKL
    • Mounting style: Socks Gasket mounted
    • Plate materials: 5052 Aluminium, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fibre (may change)
    • PCB: Hotswap, PerKey RGB, QMK and VIA/VIAL-compatible USB-C PCBs

    • 5 typing angle
    • 4 Left Angle, 2.7 Right Angle
    • Full 6063 aluminium construction
    • Sandblasted Brass Weight
    • Bead-blasted and anodised finish
    • Approx Weight : 3.5kg


    • Black anodised kit with black brass weight - $725
    • Silver anodised kit with brass weight - $725
    • E-white kit with brass weight - $750

    Group buy details:
    • GB window open from Saturday, 16th September - Sunday, 15th October
    • Shipping ETA: early Q2 2024
    • Optional extras available: PCBs (Solder/Hotswap), Plates (Aluminum, Polycarbonate, FR4), Rubber/foam (Foam kit, gaskets, bumpons)
    • CannonKeys customers can add a free set of NicePBT BoW 7, Y & H keys while stocks last.

    What is included in the kit:
    • 1x Left Top Case
    • 1x Left Bottom Case
    • 1x Left Weight
    • 1x Left Plate
    • 1x Left Per-key RGB PCB
    • 1x Left Wrist Rest
    • 1x Left Plate Foam
    • 1x Left Case Foam
    • 1x Right Top Case
    • 1x Right Bottom Case
    • 1x Right Weight
    • 1x Right Plate
    • 1x Right Per-key RGB PCB
    • 1x Right Wrist Rest
    • 1x Right Plate Foam
    • 1x Right Case Foam
    • 16x Molded plate gaskets
    • 16x Bumpons
    • 1x Microfiber cloth
    • 1x Hard carry case
    • Assorted hardware (hex screws & hex keys)

    Typing test by TimKeyLess:


    Special Thanks
    • Special thanks to Nico for contributing valuable ideas during the brainstorming process for the design.
    • Also special thanks to ai03 for his hard work on the PCB design.

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    Re: [GB] Tomak (토막) (Tented Split TKL) - Now Live on CannonKeys!
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    Approved :thumb: (upas, please add purchase links when you see this :) tyty :-* )

    PSA to prospective buyers:
    Group Buys are inherently risky endeavors. There is an element of risk involved with collecting payment before the item has been produced and resulting uncertainty during manufacturing / subsequent operations. We urge all GB organizers to consider (and document) these risks, and want to make it clear to all who consider purchasing that these risks are present.

    If you are unfamiliar with the Group Buy model, please read this primer - Group Buy FAQ / Buying Guidelines

    This PSA is new and will become standard on all Group Buys moving forward. It is not posted on this GB in isolation and is not singling this organizer out in particular as someone to be wary of.
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