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How often do you play games?

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I'm wondering how often do you guys play games. We have those "what games are you playing" threads and we all participate in these confessions, but I was wondering how often do you really have time for gaming? How long your sessions take when you sit in front of your favourite game? Do you do that in the evenings? What day? Do you wait for weekend, do you have time during the week?
Share with us:)

It's all very random and different.
Whenever I don't have any work or there is any interesting tournament going on I spend my time gaming.
It's definitely not as much as it used to be, but I still get in a few hours a week I'd say, on average.

at least an hour of tetris-dx every day. [gb-color]

Personal best, Tetris dx, 2,341,368  ..  1,018 lines

Much much less than I used to, and I get bored with them much faster. Rare is it I ever beat a game these days. Rare is it I even play for more than a few hours a week.
RPGs are out the window. I don't have the time or patience for them anymore. Also I have grown to hate cutscenes. I don't like having control taken away, having the game stop, or any instance longer than a few seconds where I'm not playing, but I think that has to do with my changes in how I think game design should be done. Almost 100% systemically off the player's actions.


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Fri, 30 April 2021, 11:43:33 ---at least an hour of tetris-dx every day. [gb-color]

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Personal best, Tetris dx, 2,341,368  ..  1,018 lines

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Which GBC are you rocking? I haven't played it in years, but I keep my atomic purple one around.

I may go months without playing at all. I rarely have the energy and/or motivation, if I happen to have the time. Other times I may play all weekend. Weeknights are usually too draining. I think I most often just lie down and pass out after work.


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