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[GB] GMK Shark Bait - SHIPPED

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Thought I can share some photos of this awesome-looking set on my current fav board, the TGR x Singa Unikorn R2.1 PC! Snagged the board in the recent sale and the keycap set via surprise sale from Daily Clack and I think this keycap set matches the overall aesthetics really well! Am waiting for the teal cable to arrive to complete the look! Anyway, enjoy the photos below (I'm not a professional in this so pardon the bad angles :D)

P/S: If anyone has a BNIB Shark Bait Novelties Kit that you want to let go, please let me know! I'm Chippie#7686 on Discord. I could not get my hands on one sadly and I'd love to have them!

Been looking for a board to put this keycap set on, and it seems like the iron 165 teal is the perfect fit. Canít wait to try them on when the board comes.

Please do an R2 for shark bait.  This is one of the most beautiful and well designed sets.

Shark Bait looks amazing on a white Meridian.


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