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[GB] Lynx L50 - a premium 50% keyboard

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Thank you all for the continued support of this simple idea i've had of an extended 40%.
I myself isnt even a 40% fan, but i was annoyed by the limited alphas on all the beautiful small 40% boards.
So about 2 years ago , when i joined the "community" i came up with this 50% idea, as well as a 75% design, both of which would fix the problem we had at the time with 40% and 75% boards.


Lynx Discord Server:

Depending on your layout choice, the L50 can be both an extended 40% or a 50% (if you count the keys).
Layout options will be same as on the IC page and you can read up on the inspiration for such decisions there.
The PCB will keep the support for both MX and SMK switches. I myself the prefer the top pcb mounted typing experience over the plate mounted, but i will of course include a plate for those who prefer or need it for such switches.
The Protoypes at hand will be shipped to the states a few days after GB start for testing.


Switches used during prototype build: Milky Gateron Yellow + 203G0
- Full Prototype build VOD:
- Typing test (PCB only):
- Typing test (plate):

Improvements over the first prototype:
- More rounded top filet
- more aggresive chamfers on the underside
- Alignment pins
- protype USB cutout didnt account for plate/pcb flex

- Optional top mounted PCB or plate (pick your poison)
- 8mm profile to cover the edges of your caps
- 7 degree angle
- 18.5mm front height
- 7.5mm uniform top bezel
- MX & SMK switch compatability
- Powered by QMK
- VIA configurator support
- aluminium and brass plate & bottom material

Base kit, 50 unit limit, 6061 Aluminum:
Top piece (standard,wkl or HHKB style)
Bottom piece
Custom 50% PCB with center usb by Gondolindrim

Prices and upgrade options:
Base kit $285 (excluding shipping and paypal fees)
Brass bottom piece upgrade $40 (estimated weight with brass bottom is 1.8kg)
Brass plate upgrade $15
Extra brass plate $35
Extra aluminum plate $20
Extra PCB $40

Group buy ~1 month (Dec 21 - Jan 31).
Factory machining, surface treatment and shipping to me: 3 months after GB conclusion (excluding chinese new year)
Shipping will be invoiced when the keyboards are QC'd by me
Expect shipping costs at 20$ to 50$ depending on your location and picked parts (brass is obviously heavier)

If Lynx L50 is successful, i will run L60 and L75 (possibly L80) right after. Plate and PCB files will be released publicly after the gb.

conserved for future updates

- Available colors are Crimson red, navy blue, desaturated pink, black, silver, light gray (same as in prototype pics).

Update 2020-02-24 - Case production is as of today, officially started. PCB production to start soon.



Holy moly, I almost missed this! I've been following the board for a long time, congratulations on getting to this point. Looking forward to tomorrow!


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