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HATCHET-01by Mech Mountain
B-Stock Available
Discord (where most updates are)

A 65% case and PCB with 3.5mm top plate and O-ring dampingComes with hotswap ANSI PCB and soldered for ISO
Weight is 2158g / 4.75lbs

- August 15th to September 6th
- 6061 Aluminum
- 6 degree typing angle
- 65% PCB from KBD
- Both aluminum and POM top plates in ISO and ANSI
- Delivery in Q1 2021

Color Options:

Note, colors are not exact. These are renders, the backgrounds are the target color and probably the most accurate representation.

Grey, RAL 7043:


Green, RAL 6028:

Blue, RAL 5000:

Sound Test w/ Holy Pandas, O-Rings and Calm Depths SA:

Why do the blue prototype colors look so different?
All of those images are shot in varying levels of light. Anodizing changes brightness pretty drastically depending on where the light source is hitting it from. For the best representation of final color, use the backgrounds of the color option renders above.

Who is manufacturing this?
I have a good relationship with a CNC factory that has done great work for us for the last few years. They build our prototypes and small manufacturing runs for my day job. They are expensive but well worth it and have gone over and above to ensure high QC in the past. They are the same factory making the prototype above.

Will this come with a PCB?
Yes! This will come with a KBD 65% hotswap PCB in ANSI and one of their soldered versions for ISO.

How many units will there be?
I am not going to limit the overall number of units (I'm a big fan of if you want a case, you should be able to buy it). That said, I will be shipping in batches. The first production batch will be 100 units to ensure QC with first bought, first shipped. From there I will produce the rest of the orders.

Is the pandemic going to seriously delay this?
Unless something radically changes, no, the factory I am using is up and running at 100%. If for some reason that shifts over the course of the GB, I have a backup that I also trust.

$485, high cost is driven by the large blank size and how much machining is done on the 3.5mm top plate. I'm also using a factory I've worked closely with for my day job and they are extremely high quality.

Who are you?
My day job is a consumer product engineer and so I naturally found myself wanting to build my own case and parts. What better way to build the case I want than get a GB going!

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Approved :thumb:

As you said, that is pretty expensive for one HUGE piece of aluminum.  :eek:

What happened to the polycarb option? Sorry if I'm missing something.

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Had to drop it. Finishing issues and no way to test the long term durability that it wouldn't get shiny where your wrists rest.

Wanted to keep my first GB straight forward as well.


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