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[GB] Series 00 | 09/17/2021: Shipping to all 4 vendors!

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loop | esc lab:


A machined metal artisan - available in aluminum, stainless steel, and brass.

Hello everyone.

Itís loop, Cubic, and Isshin of esc lab.

We are infinitely excited to announce our worldwide GB for Series 00. Starting now.

Available in United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, and Asia.

This group buy was a culmination of almost six months of work -- five rounds of prototyping, two ICs (we don't talk about the first one  :thumb: ), a dozen prototypes sent to reviewers for feedback, 2,000+ IC survey responses, and just lots of fun hard work.

This is a dream come true for us three friends. Thank you for making this a dream come true for us.



Series 00 will be an unlimited GB hosted by the following vendors.

USA - Mechs & Co
Canada - Desk Hero
Europe & UK - CandyKeys
Oceania, Asia, and others - zFrontier

* USA and CA pricing does not include local taxes. EU pricing has VAT included.

Foundry Edition is a discounted bundle of all five Series 00 + a lil sum sum.

Quattro Edition is a discounted four-pack of a specific Series 00. Available for all five launch editions.


Series 00 will launch in aluminum, stainless steel, and brass.

Hand Polished Brass

Coated with UV varnish to protect its luster and to prevent patina.

Hand Polished Stainless Steel

Sandblast Brass

Coated with UV varnish to protect its luster and to prevent patina.

Sandblast Clear Aluminum

Sandblast Black Aluminum


Name                       Color        Weight         Finish     Coating     Hand Polished BrassGold14.30 gHand polishUV VarnishHand Polished Stainless SteelSilver14.10 gHand polishNoneSandblast BrassGold14.30 gSandblastUV VarnishSandblast AluminumSilver4.60 gSandblastAnodizationSandblast AluminumBlack4.60 gSandblastAnodization


Each Series 00 comes individually packaged. An included microfiber cloth will help keep your Series 00 looking spotless over time.

The Foundry Edition bundle comes with a little something extra ;) .



Series 00 is a familiar R1 Cherry-like profile. It looks sharp, but does not feel sharp.

Each Series 00 has the identification info, AKA Series ID, engraved into the base.
Each keycap is sequentially numbered starting at #00. Will you be lucky enough to get #01, #69, or #420?

Metal artisans fit differently on different switches due to switch stem manufacturing tolerances.
We have tested Series 00 on all the most popular switch families to ensure a good fit and logged the results of each switch.

Each polished Series 00 is individually hand-polished.

We have shipped all five Series 00 off to reviewers so you can get an outside opinion of our artisan. Their feedback was used to improve the product!



Don't want to watch videos? Here are some written reviews.

"The Series 00 keycaps are unapologetically industrial in design. Sculpted like monoliths, free of curves or subtlety, these caps manage to strike a surprising balance between standing out among your other keycaps and avoiding the uncanny valley of being slightly different than traditional Cherry sculpt. There really is something for everyone. If you are adverse to a heavily-weighted cap, the aluminum is good for you. If you love seeing your reflection in your cap, the polished caps shine bright, though you probably don't want to use them too much. The sandblasted caps, my personal favorites, have a nice, consistent texture. My personal favorite is the sandblasted brass, it has a great feel to it and I love the heavy thock of slamming it down on the board."

- dededecline on Foundry Edition review units

"The series 00 comes in this robust case and I love just how solid it feels when opening and closing it. I think it's a really nice touch and goes well with the whole metallic theme. The actual keycaps themselves are machined really well, I think that the different finishes are dope and I've been using them as fidget toys just because of how satisfying they feel in the hands. The glosy ones are kinda fingerprint magnets so I tend to use them for photoshoots and rarely for my actual builds. Some of the keycaps are a little too heavy for my linears so they do make a bit of a weird sound, I recommend using these keycaps on tactiles or heavy linears. The overall design and shape of the keycaps feel clean and sharp, giving it a really unique outline which definitely makes it a lot more appealing. I'm really glad that they've chosen to go with this minimalistic approach as it adds a little more spice without being obnoxious or too loud. Overall, really happy with them!"

- Hamaji Neo on Foundry Edition

"Like a kingís crown Jewel, the esclab series 00 accents and augments any keyboard you place it on, in a manner seldom keycaps achieve. A truly unique and minimal design brings a breath of fresh air to an otherwise dull and repetitive market. Exquisite mirror finish and refined silhouette blends with any keycap set you match it with, like a chameleon, adapting and shifting, taking its surroundings and making it its own; yet, when shined upon, beacons like the light of a lighthouse when lost at sea, captivating the gaze and demanding attention." (this is a real review lmfao)

- fr0nk on Polished Stainless Steel

"Hmm how can these even be summed in a few sentences. The black is darker than a goth girlís soul, with both aluminum caps having a great sound profile, not far from a standard cap and keeping a consistent feel, my personal favorite. The polished finishes are excellent on the brass and SS, both offering a nice reflective surface, but being so well polished does show fingerprint oils easily too. All in, 10/10 would praise the monolith again."

- Patrick from Mechs & Co on Foundry Edition

"Beautiful keycap! I have a prototype unit in Polished Brass. Sounds nice and deep, the way most metal artisan keycaps do. The weight is nice and substantial, and the finish is amazing. The UV Varnish really does a good job of protecting the cap from tarnish, and even though I've been a bit rough with it, it looks as good as it did the day I got it. Personally, I like the shape - it deviates from standard profiles just enough to give the board some flair, while maintaining a minimal aesthetic."

- Jeff on Polished Brass

"Feel - tailored keycaps to create the optimal feel for a metal switch. Sound -  deep thocky sound that's a characteristic loved by people who've had their chance with metal keycaps. Finish -  took a lot of work to wipe all the dust off the stainless steel, it was so shiny. In general, great metal keycaps that are a treat on the keyboard to both use and look at"

- Stick on Foundry Edition


Series 00 would not be the same without our friends in the community. We want to show you how others have used their Series 00.

Foundry Edition on Black Anodized Praxis

Photograph by dededecline

The Stormtrooper - Black Ano Aluminum on Milk M65-B + GMK Bleached

Photograph by ExistentiallyYours

Polished Stainless Steel on HHKB

Photograph by fr0nk

Foundry Edition on Rama M6-C

Photograph by Stick


This is the timeline for Series 00 based on our manufacturing and logistics estimates.
As with all IC and GBs, there may be obstacles and delays; it's best to just assume there will be. We will do our best to both hit the estimates and be transparent with you all if there are delays. We will keep you informed with updates on our Discord and Research Facility.





Without your support, this would not have been possible.

* The incredible esc lab community.
* esc lab Insiders (in no particular order) - Lumis (our mod #1), heavygrips (our mod #2 + mom), mfwit (always giving me photography advice + nerding out on gear), EpicN, fr0nk (film fr0nk), Jeff, kumori, halo, pupper, sentarius (finally won something), Ravioli, Stick (Australia liaison), brandontan, and Sarazan97.
* Patrick, Mike, Chris, and more // Mechs & Co.
* Jerrold // Desk Hero
* David // CandyKeys
* Alex // zFrontier
* Swishy, Frosty, bobas, Nathan, Rayhhdailo, and more // Keycap Designers Discord
* Our reviewers dededecline, ExistentiallyYours, apiary, Tae Keyboards, Hamaji, Patrick, Stick, Jeff, fr0nk, Lydia, BuenoBuilds, and more.
* Our S/Os for listening to us ramble about esc lab everyday.And to you reading this - thank you for helping us turn this dream into reality.


USA - Mechs & Co
Canada - Desk Hero
Europe & UK - CandyKeys
Oceania, Asia, and others - zFrontier

Series 00 Geekhack IC2

Rep your favorite Series 00. Click the "more" button to see the full selection of signatures.

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Designed with 爱 in HK + USA by Cubic, Isshin, and loop.

loop | esc lab:


Series 00 would not be the same without our friends in the community. We want to use this opportunity to showcase the best of what the community offers.

ROTR Macro Pad by Polarity Works

Rendered by Isshin


P.03 by Protozoa Studio

Rendered by Spicychickenrenders (Sailer)


BOX75 by Lin Design Studio

Rendered by dks

F1-8X by Geonworks

Rendered by Isshin


Mode 80 by Mode Keyboards

Rendered by Isshin


IRON165 by Smith + Rune

Rendered by Isshin


Abstraction by loop


Typography by Grace Hong


loop | esc lab:

// March 25 2021

* Added day one numbers - at 45% MOQ already!// March 24 2021

* We went live! Thank you for all your support.
* Added GB review from EuraPSD <3   

pog 1u block of metal

loop | esc lab:

--- Quote from: shima on Wed, 24 March 2021, 14:15:24 ---pog 1u block of metal

--- End quote ---



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