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[GB] Twilight switches - a new JWK tactile - GB May 12-May 22nd

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Twilight Switches

Group Buy May 12th-May 22nd. Estimated to ship around mid-July, followed by an in-stock sale around then.

* New, very tactile JWK switch combining their Clear-like tactile stem with their T1 leaf
* 5-pin housing
* POM Stem (purple), PC top and nylon bottom (smoky gray)
* 67g spring
* Unlubed
* By Pylon and brainandforce
Twilights are not a JWK recolor. It was born out of a JWK frankenswitch combo that Pylon and brainandforce discovered independently while experimenting: combining the MX Clear-like stem from a Durock Medium Tactile switch with the tactile leaf of the Durock T1 housing. The result is a sharp, punchy, tactile switch, with just a bit of pretravel. Imagine a smoother, much more tactile Ergo Clear. A tactile switch as intense as an NK_ Blueberry that can hold its own at lighter spring weights.

If you want a taste of what this switch feels like, you can use the stem off a Durock Medium Tactile, Mode Signal, Penguin, or RARA V2, and pair it with the housing from a Durock T1 or Koala. We are making this a pre-assembled switch so you can avoid the hassles and costs of frankenswitching.

Teal T1 stem for comparison

Force curves:

Vendors and prices

* [US] Dangkeebs- $0.55 USD per switch, in packs of 10
* [CA] AlphaKeys - $0.55 USD per switch, in packs of 10
* [CN] Moyu.Studio- 3.6 RMB per switch
* [EU] - 0,55 per switch, in packs of 10
* [UK] proto[Typist]- 0.47 per switch, in packs of 10
* [AU] Daily Clack - $0.84 AUD per switch, in packs of 10 (link not live yet)
* [SEA] Zion Studios - $0.65 USD per switch, in packs of 10


Last day! Our vendors will also have extras in stock, but it will likely be at a higher price.

Switches have been manufactured! We're waiting for shipping to vendors:

Boring color changes


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