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Looking to buy Filco, Leopolo and MKC keyCap Puller

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Dear folk

Based what I have read in this forum I have realized that couple were referring to those brands : Filco, Leopolo and MKC (may be there are other quality but I missed them) keyCap puller.

Looking to buy 4 for a  computer repair shop ,,,,I wasn't able to find them where I am based New Zealand ,,,,,,some ebay sellers are selling same unrealistic price.

I was thinking buy 4 different brands to feel and experience the difference for future needs

Can those be found at one online place as it would be easier for purchase and save on postage as they might consider combined postage ?

AliExpress , Banggood won't sell those 3 brands 


A search for "wire keycap puller" should turn up quite a few of the same type. In my experience they're all about the same. The only difference I've noted is that some have the wire bent in a slightly different shape so they will hold more caps. Some will hold 2 or 3 and some will hold 4 before they need to be emptied. All of the wire type I've used work fine and won't damage the caps.

In a pinch I've also made my own bu just bending a piece of wire.

They really are just about all the same, except for the shape of the handle.  I have a small collection of them, and I end up using a generic one half the time because there's almost no functional difference between them.  I will say that I like the Ducky puller the least, just because the handle is small, and the Tai Hao Clicker puller is my second least favorite because the handle is so wide and smooth, and feels strange.  The Filco puller is nice, but that one's nearly identical to most of the generic ones.

Thanks guys for you advice
I will consider what you suggested

Try and get one that's on the longer side, so that it will be able to easily 'do the splits' widely enough to cope with a 2.25 shift key. Wide keys is where wire pullers really shine, as they can safely and evenly pull the key from both ends at long as they can stretch that far in the first place.


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