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I need to get this out.

So I moved in July, and during the process I lost two keyboards.

* Commodore PC5/PC10 XT with vintage MX blacks
* Apple M0118 with salmon Alps
The Commodore I'm not too sad about. It had nice keycaps and overall nice looks to it, but the board is kinda crap and I don't like the switches either. I could have sold them to someone who likes them more, but eh, too late now.

But losing the Apple board really bugs me. I got it for 35€ - it was in suboptimal shape. I built a a converter for it. I cleaned the whole thing. I cleaned the switches and put in new springs. I later on cleaned the switches again with ultrasonic cleaner. Then, later on another multi-evening session, I even lubed the switches as an experiment. The sound got better and the feeling little bit too, but it's questionable if it was worth it.
Anyway, it was one of my favourite boards - good to take to the office because it's not super loud, it's nice at home, good looking. And all the hours I put to restoring it. Goddamnit.

Now, list all the boards you have lost along the way and we can say nice things about them even if they weren't that nice when they still were among us.

I haven't necessarily "lost" (as in misplaced any boards), but I've certainly "lost" (as in ruined to an irreplaceable degree) a few.

I disassembled, lubed and spring-swapped my K70 maybe ~8 years ago? I had just learned about lubing. Mind you, I didn't think for a second about just replacing the Cherry Browns. I used some horrific lube I found at the local hardware store, overlubed the switches, and used _heavy springs_. That board immediately went to the bin. No real loss there though

I've scrapped a few boards for parts though, and those still haunt me. AEKs are pretty common, so I'm not too upset about those. It's the Leading Edge DC2014 that I regret every day of every week (well maybe not that dramatic). I really wanted Alps Blues and my partner got me a donor board. Needless to say, I didn't consider that acoustics of the original plastic housing, uneven wear of old alps, and overall typing experience. So now the blues are sitting in a modern board and I'm sad :/


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