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Updated! Two new links :]

Welcome back!

Thank you sir! It is great to be back.

Sorry I never got back to you, it seems I left before seeing your post. Anyway, I appreciate you willing to take over for me. I'll let you know if I ever take another leave. :]

Thx for useful Directory!

lots of nice infos here but I keep waiting for next gen buckling spring keyboards... ^^

Now that IBM patent has expired, we should see new models,
better and cheaper than MX type keyboards.

MX keyboard are expensive because Cherry has no competitors,
but as soon as a company will produce clipsed buckling spring switches,
prices are going to fall down... better for all of us :)

You can compare MX colors but if you compare MX to BS or high-end domes,
IMO MX is bad, even for gaming, and mainly for gaming, just because
you need more force to keep a key pressed. On a model M or my Compaq RT102,
you need almost no force to keep a key down, I find it much better for FPS-like games
or MMO where keys are used for character movements.

Cherry MX is a fashion... I bet it will fall down in 1 or 2 years. Far too expensive anyway.


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