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A trip to Wisconsin, visiting SmallFry and family, future memorial plans

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I'm actually really sad I didn't go visit, and for what happened of course.

But I mean... I got to sleep in a bit at least :X

I think the saddest thing to me here is the accumulated dust on his phantom.

Thank you for sharing Capt.  It means quite a bit to be able to read this considering how well I knew SmallFry.  I also missed the memorial, and have not been able to visit since.  The distance is killing me.  Sometimes I wish I transfered a month or two later.

I didn't know Smallfry personally but I can say that there seems to be a lot of positive thinking coming out of this tragedy. First the people he helped through organ donation, then the countless others that will benefit from the Non-Profit foundation in his name. I am really glad that a tragedy such as this has spurred such a positive impact on the community and lives of others. Thanks for posting.

Sorry for your loss friends and fam.

I have his memorial walk day marked and synced on my calendar... will definitely be doing whatever I can on my own.


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